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Support Services

What computer
problems are you facing
in the current workplace?

Is your computer slow?

Are you aware of backups but not sure where to start?

Does your internet connection keep disconnecting, or very slow?

Do you have an active anti-virus installed on your device?

Is your customer data safe from prying eyes?


GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.
What is it?

In a no-nonsense language – data protection. Customer data.

If your in business – you have customers. How long can your business operate if your competition get their hands on your customer data?


Is your computer slow?
What have you done to investigate
  • check your device is up to date via latest updates;
  • restart device;
  • how many antivirus software variants are installed?

Disaster Recovery & Backup

If you lost all data – how long will your business be able to operate?

How would you feel if you lost all the family photos since your favourite family member was born?

Not all online backup systems are great, or physical onsite systems.

We can sit down with you to discuss what you have in place and guide you.


How many coffees or glases of water do you consume for that big document to download?

You don’t need to stick to that slow intermittent broadband service, like your bank you can change services, assuming you are out of contract.

Before you do though, let us come on site and review your setup, it may be a failed filter, or a bad line.


Are you protected? As in do you lock your doors to office when you finish at end of the working day?

Anti-virus on your device and ACTIVE anti-virus is a pre-requisite to a minimal problem running device. It stops the bad guys entering your device.

Beware – having more than one variant – anti-virus – degrades performance.

We offer a free complimentary service to review and discuss your needs.